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Friday, January 19, 2001

TUTORIAL[19]: How to strike?

When you line is in the water, keep the line tight. Fishing folks like to wish each other "tight lines". Keeping the line taut is important, otherwise the fish may bite your offering and take off without you even knowing it. Chances of losing a fish then would be quite high.

When you do feel a tap, it is an indication that the fish is checking out your bait. However, ignore light taps. It is most likely nibbling at the side of the bait on hook. But when the tap do become a strong vibration, immediately use your rod to pull back the line. This has the effect of driving the hook into their mouths. Failing to do so, the fish would likely to escape and make off with your bait. This, in fishing terminology is known as "striking".

If you are successful, you will feel a load on the line ie increase resistance when you pull the line back. Added to it, would be erratic twitching of the rod tip. This is a good indication that you already have the fish on hook. Reel it back quickly before the fish has other ideas to run into the rocks to hide. If the fish succeed into diving into a rock, chances are that you would lose it too. It is close to impossible to disgourge a fish from a hole in a rock. Some species of fishes are known to deploy such tactics eg. Groupers and Sea bass.

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