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Saturday, January 06, 2001

TUTORIAL[6]: What should be in a tackle box?

Some things to be in your tackle box.

1. Your reel

2. Scissors and Pliers

3. Assorted weights. Size .5 to 2

5. Swivels. Some 20-40 lbs rating (strain at which it will break) is more than enough.

6. Ready tied rigs else 7,8 are needed

7. Assorted hooks, size 8, 4, 2, 1/0

8. Leaders
A choice of 8, 15, 20 lbs.
Transparent fishing line for tying rigs. Normally higher poundage than the mainline. eg 20lbs. Serves as a shock absorber, and also thicker to sustain abrasion from rocks.

This is a 20lbs leader.
Note the diameter too. Go for thinner leaders. Thicker lines spook fishes

5, 7, 11 kept in a small tackle box

9. Some tamban jigs $1.50 per pack
In case when jigging is effective

10. Floats
In case when floating is effective if surface fishes are around

11. Split shots
Small bean weights to assist line to sink

12. Ranggong
For times when the current is strong. Ranggong help to prevent line twisting.

13. Lures
For luring. Sometimes, luring is more effective than baiting

14. Soft plastics

15. Jig heads
For threading into soft plastics to give it weight for casting

16. Squid jigs
For catching squids

17. Wire leader
For targetting fishes with sharp teeth eg. Barracudas

18. Cylum sticks
For night fishing. Usually added on to the leader before the weight. Enables the user to see where the line is landing when casting

19. Air pump.
For keeping live bait alive

20. Scent liquid
Twofold reason, for attraction fish to the lure, and for masking unnatural smell on lures

21. Lumi beads
For adding to a line on hook. Serves to attract fish visually

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