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Thursday, January 11, 2001

TUTORIAL[11]: Tying your rigs

If you are a beginner, buy your rigs ready packed first. Go for rigs with small hooks. Tying rigs require some skills. At this point, do not overburden yourselves with it.

Joining the mainline to the swivel

Making a surgeon knot

Joining a mainline to a swivel

First make a surgeon knot

Thread through the eye of the swivel

Go over the whole swivel

Pull it back up

Tying a snood (extension line) to a line

How it look when finished

Decide where you want the knot to go

Make an overhand knot (ends go over a self formed loop)

Make another turn

Last turn (3x altogether)

Tighten it

With the extra end of the shorter line, make an knot

2nd turn

3rd turn (last)

Slowly pull and tighten

Finished knot

Tying a line to hook

Thread the line into the eye of the hook

Double up the line to form a loop

With the free end, turn it around the hook 5-8 times (depending on size of hook)

Thread it back to the eye

Thread the line into the loop

Slowly tighten the knot

Finished knot

Trim the end


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