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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ubin Half Beaks

I had been returning empty handed for the past 2 sessions, and vowed to at least get something today. Andrew asked where to fish, and I suggested Ubin. The last trip there, was a luring cum recce one. Though it was a zero trip, nevertheless, I spied many spots that was promising for regular fishing.

We took the boat over after a hearty meal at CV hawker center. Being Sunday, it was alot more people going to and fro. With us on the boat, were a big bunch of serious cyclist going over to Ubin for some x-country adventure.

D bicycle. Chain kept slipping out.

Coming out from the Jetty, we walked to the left side of Ubin where the four poles are. Someone in the forum said that casting near the poles was a good spot. I got a bicycle for D, in case she gets tired walking.

Weather at that time was rather hot. Reaching there, we saw a malay family camping there, obviously since last night. They even got their laundry laid out across a line on a tree. We moved a little further down, and starting rigging up.

But 30 minutes into the fishing. No bites at all, even though we were throwing juicy live prawns. I downgraded to a smaller hook and used prawn meat. And still nothing at all. Looked like even small fishes not around to at least gobble it up.

I told Andrew then to change spot. I had a vow to keep, and this wasn't helping.

I led them to the bridge area, where PT once had a close shave with a todak after a whole morning of luring. From what I could see then, fishes were plenty here. Just whether we could get them.

Brisk business

Settling down on the tables and bench at the shelter, we prepared our rods to start fishing. The little hut was opened for business selling drinks and coconuts, and lots of people were coming and going. The auntie was nice enough not to shoo us away and instead left us to our doings.

Nice Orh herr

Andrew, as usual, was first to land a fish. And amazing, a mullet on prawn meat. Even Auntie was surprised. It was a nice specimen, and spelled good times ahead. That was to be the only Mullet to be landed.

Double hookup of Glassfish

Andrew's special hook with magical prowess

My first fish was a Glass fish. Not great, but at least I kept my vow. However, fish was released. Andrew was next on a roll with half beaks. He had this special niffy hook that was superb for small fishes. He had introduced it before, and I had many times witness the power of this special hook. Again today, my bite rate was alot worse than his. He gamely rigged one up for me, and thereafter, I was hitting half beaks one after the other.

How's this for adaptability?

Puff puff

It rained a little. This kept it away

D fishing for half beaks

I got it!

Even A and D got into the fishing with just holding out the leader (minus rod). Earlier on, they fashioned a net out of a plastic bag and a twig. But that didn't work very well. From our left over rigs, they took it to play fishing, and even managed to catch some funny gobies. Even D managed to land something. I later pass my rod to her to try catch some half beaks. And succeed she did.

Andrew with a todak

Scrawny fellow

We caught some other assortment of fishes like todaks, mudskipper, gobies, puffer etc.

Selecting the strong ones to keep alive

Andrew caught a beautiful specimen of an Archer fish. We decided to try keep it alive to see if I could rear it in my aquarium. After that, all fishes went into our "live" bait well.

It rained cats and dogs

About 2pm, we decided we had enough. We already had an icebox full of around 30 half beaks and others. From the shelter, we called for an Ubin taxi. Charge was a fiver. But weather started to rain, and it was necessary. Van came in 5 mintues time and we pointed it to bring us to the seafood garden. From there, we had lunch and waited out the heavy rain.

Tough fishes

Around 4pm, we touched down on Changi and concluded an eventful and fruitful day. This was the first time I had landed so many half beaks, and rather effortlessly. Reaching home, I "tuned" my salt water tank to make it less saline as first half beak I dropped in, turned topsy turvey. After some water changes, fishes were more comfortable. However, some of the half beaks wasn't looking too good. I went for dinner and returned, only to find all the half beaks had died. But the archers were still going strong.

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