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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tanjong Rhu - Short SP session

It was a rather hot day, but I felt like doing some simple fishing. Following my success with SP, I was game to further experiment with it. It so happened that I was near east coast. I decided then to pay Tanjong Rhu a visit, even though the fishing wouldn't be good due to all the construction of the dam at the Marina South side.

We parked along a double yellow line. Problem with this place, legal parking was non-existent. Otherwise, it would indeed be a nice picnic spot for easy fishing. The sun was hot, and we needed a shade to hide in. A and D set up the mat under a tree. Although there was a little shade, the air was still rather warm.

Here fishy fishy..

I fished around the area for a while, but nothing was biting. Just in front of me, were dragon boats doing their practices. I decided to walk further down behind the condo, hoping for a better catch.

There was some kind of floating cordon around the bank, possibly for some dragon boat activity. I walked right up to the edge where they blocked off the rest of the park for construction. Over there, the bank was the rocky type, just suitable for SP fishing.

Green Chromide

And true enough, I didn't have to wait long after my cast. I felt a slight nibble and struck. I didn't feel anything, but when I reeled up, there was indeed a fish. It was foul hooked by my grub. I hurriedly took some pics with my phone cam, and released the fellow.

Next cast, I snagged the rig, and had to walk the 250m back to where the car (and all my barangs were) to retie the rig again. And again walked all the way back. It was rather difficult.

Threespine toadfish (aka Kuku)

I cast it out, and within 5 minutes another strike. This was much stronger and I thot I had a grouper. But out came the fish, and it was a kuku. I snapped some pics with my phone cam again, but this time my phone hung. I had forgotten and left my min SD card at home. Poor phone was running low on memory and misbehaving. I had wanted to call D to come take a photo, but phone wasn't working. Too bad. And I didn't have any pliers to take our the grub. Kuku are chompers, and I wouldn't want my fingers getting chomped by this bugger. I snipped off the line with my swiss knife and released it. Hopefully the hook will rust off in a short while.

I think I could have gotten more as the fishing here was quite good. And on SP too. But with the logistic and hot weather and my phone not working properly, I decided to pack and go.

Not bad at all. My 2nd and 3rd fish on SP grub.

Juicy grub. Fishes can't resist

Scary scarecrow

Future rod builder

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