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Friday, October 26, 2007

Tanjong Berlayer Park - Lab Park extension

I got to know about the opening of the new Lab Park that had been under construction for quite some time. Finally, the area was opened and accessible to the public. I thot of trying it out tonight with PT, after a fruitful session the day before.

Reaching there, I was surprised that it was so big. Of cos with everything new, it was comfortable and well lighted. However, all other fishing folks in the world also got to know about it, and there was a long line of rods at the area just in front of the shelter.

We first tried around the area, but nothing at all. We explored a little further down near the jetty, and found it quieter and maybe a better spot. So we shifted all our barangs and moved it to the end. Opposite was some kind of club house, with some Karaoke going on.

But the fishing was totally bad, and nothing was biting. Not even baiting with live juicy prawns was getting anything. However, a bunch of students who were doing luring did get a flat head on a deep diver. Well, that was really something, and put us all to shame.

Around 12.30am, PT had already given up mentally about this place. He had earlier lost his newly acquired "got that barra" lure, and had to lose it in a day. I too lost my beloved pinny on a rope tied to a barge. After some tiring number of cast, we decided that it was rather hopeless, even though the feel of the location was good. Maybe it was just too new, and all the fishes had been scared away from all the construction.

Time will tell.

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