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Friday, October 12, 2007

Ubin Walkabout

I had wanted to do this for a long time, and today seemed like an opportune time. Nothing fanciful, but just a luring recce trip, to check out the various spots in Ubin. From some pictures that I had seen, Ubin should be full of places good for luring practises. Patrick was off that day and agreed to join me. We both reached CV quite early to have a simple breakfast of prata, and off we went to the Jetty to wait for the boat over to Ubin.

Being quite early, there were only a few others waiting for the boat. We had to wait about half an hour, before sufficient people came over to take the boat. Withing 10 minutes, we touched down on the Jetty that I now was quite familiar with.

Just like a video game

First thing to do was to get our transportation ie a bicycle. Bicycle during weekdays was like quite cheap, going at $4 for the whole day. Good deal! Unfortunately, Patrick's bicycle was not working too good and quite cranky (literally, making "crank" "crank" sounds). But he had to make do until we next past the bicycle shop again.

Scenic spot (right of Jetty)

Further up the river

Aiming for the pole

Some algae here

First spot, was just to the right of the Jetty, via a dirt road from the police post. Neither of us had been that way before, so I was just blindy heading towards the sea. Luckily, the road indeed did ended up in next to the sea. The place looked promising as the water was calm, and full of splashes, indicating some fish activities.

I was to slip on this rock later. Good thing it was quite flat and smooth

Some cuts

We setup quickly and proceeded to lure. I was sending out my Angel Kiss, as I wanted really to get a KBL. This lure was like a KBL killer. (according to the forum). But cast and cast, nothing was touching it. Patrick also didn't have any luck. I slipped on a piece of rock, but luckily the damage was just superficial. I just bought this pair of sandals, and boy, were they slippery. About 20 mins later, no bites, we decided to move on.

What is the cookie monster doing on Ubin?

Mamam Beach

By now, you would surely be interested in this.

Map of Ubin

Pic of my TD Scouter. Lost it later at the 4 poles

My Maria! (Lost it later. First casualty)

Next was to Mamam Beach. This place, I had been before. With the right equipment, full of whitings could be gotten here. But today, we were after bigger things. Out went my maria again, trying near to the fence, to the right, to the left. Patrick's rod gave some problems with the reel seat?, and I passed him my black rose, which I had brought as a spare. The unlucky thing was, at this place, my Maria hit a snag. It had happened a few times before, and to Patrick as well. Some places, had some rocks underneath. But this time, try as I might, it just wouldn't let up. I took the desparate measure to wade into the stream to get nearer. But the water was higher than my knee to make me want to dive in to get it. So, pull and pull, and then it snapped. Argh! This was not just any lure. To replace it, neither Sin or Malaysia would have it now.

On the way. Nice lilies

Close up

Friendly Nordin Beach doggy

Dirty waters

"Fly fishing" style..getting into the water

We next moved to the other Beach, Nordin. But reaching there after a tiring stretch of uphill and downhills, the place was a sore eye. The whole beach was full of litter. But nevertheless, we tried for a while, and then gave up. I sent out my L-minnow this time, but no luck at all.

Quarry. It was fenced up

Moving down then to the Jetty area, Patrick took the opportunity to complain about his bicycle and got a replacement. We had a drink here to cool off, before proceeding to the next spot.

Place landscaped. Some development going on

Nice plants

Spot left of Jetty

Next spot was to be the left side of the Jetty, where the four protruding wooden poles were. According to the forum, around the poles would be a fruitful spot. I was now trying my TD scouter. This was a deep diver, and would hit the bottom. Seeing that this place was rather kind of sandy beach, I took the chance. But luck again wasn't with me. TD scouter got snagged and couldn't be freed. Pulling the line left and right and guitaring it didn't help. And finally the line gave way, and 1 more lure down. After that, I just shot out my L-minnow around the poles. On few occasions, I even hit the poles itself. But no matter how accurate my casting, no bites at all. Weather by now was a blazing hot day.

Cold drinks sold here

Working bench

My L-Minnow resting place

Patrick communicating with the todaks here

Watch the speed limit

Very thirsty. Anything also can

View of a short Jetty here

This is a dam here

Strong current. No kidding

We moved further down on the bicycle and reach the bridge. Beside the bridge, there was some kind of hut, apparently selling cold drinks. But being weekdays, it wasn't opened. It was quite comfortable, and even had a table for us to work on. This area, I thought was the most promising of all. Cos, when we looked into the water, we could see todaks, archer, mullets etc...Boy oh boy....we quickly sent out our lures. I was trying again on my L-minnow, but dunno what luck was with me, L-minnow flew onto a plant, and got snagged! Yanked a few times, the leader at the lure gave way. Argh! A total of 3 lures lost here in this Ulu island. But this L-minnow had served me well and deserved a rest. I next took out my other white maria, and then my gold x-rap. Neither got change the fat zero that I was getting.

Patrick was a little better. Using his newly acquired L-minnow (small), he got a bite from todak, which thrashed in the water a little. Well, given the day's result, this was like the most exciting moment ever. But after that, no more, and he too returned 0 handed. By now, the weather was a screaming hot, and I was really getting burned.

This place found on the food map

Food was delicious

Gateway to Ubin

Familiar scene

Rhino rock

Ain't she a beauty?

Waiting for the 12 pax.

We decided to call it a day, and proceeded to have lunch at one of the restaurants. Food was pretty decent, and Patrick generously paid for it. After lunch, we waited at the Jetty to fill up the 12 pax to get back. We didn't wait long, as a big group of foreigners came along, and we were soon back to Motherland, with no stories of big KBL to tell.

We did some tackle shopping before going home. On the way, it started to rain heavily. As if to cry for us, "where are our KBLs?". *sob sob*.

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