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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Recce - JB Tackle shops (Perling area)

I had to go into JB for the day for some car servicing. After that, I thought of just driving around JB, Perling side to look around, as I wasn't too familiar with the place. I had read that there was this JD ARTAC tackle shop somewhere in the area of Perling. I was hoping to be able to find it.

And found it I did. The place was on an upper story. The place was rigged with a security camera, and someone had to activate the door before you are able to enter. However, the folks inside (an old lady and a 30 odd man were quite friendly). They left me to do my browsing without asking nagging questions.

The stall itself, was quite big and complete. Only thing is that the lure selections were mainly strike pro, rapalas type. Nothing of the fancy japanese lures to be found here. Squid jigs also very limited to low end stuff. But rods and reels were quite plentiful. However when I asked about Torium, they didn't have.

I ended up getting some jig heads, and some SP meant for drop shotting. I had read about this technique and was quite eager to try it.

I drove around somemore and chanced upon another branch of fisherman, somewhere in Taman Sutera. The shop seemed quite new, and wasn't quite well stocked yet. But in the fisherman style, they do have some selections of japanese lures, but not very complete.

Thereafter was just random exploration of the place. I came upon this village beside the river, and there were signs for fishing baits all over. It looked like this place was quite popular with fishing folks. However, the terrain was quite rough, and I didn't try it out as A and D were with me. The road ended at some restaurant which might be popular with the locals here.

Another possible fishing place when I was looking at GPS was this body of water. It was a reservoir and somewhere up in the hilly area on the way to Kukup. I drove up the hill to try to locate this. Midway, there was a temple with hell lots of monkeys. Reaching the road end, we were blocked off by a fenced up area. Looked like the resevoir was out of bounds, not like the ones in singapore. Darn, no choice but to reverse. But road was very narrow and the left side was a sharp drop down the hill. Luckily the car was small as I inched it slowly to swing it around.

Places I explored (blue line)


Skudai Parade


Anonymous said...

does bestmart sell fishing stuffs such as hooks and rods and are they quality material and affordable

nafishnafish said...

Bestmart is not a tackle shop. They don't have fishing stuff there.

Anonymous said...

oh ok...thanks for the info.
and do u have an clue on how much they sell selur kuning(yellow tail) hooks???

nafishnafish said...

Sabiki jigs, they have a lot. I didn't note the prices as I wasn't looking for it. But I think should be reasonable. RM2? However, they don't have the unbranded type that we find in Singapore, which is very effective. Those sell at $1.50 in Singapore.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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