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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Boardwalk with SP

I was again on leave this friday as usual in my bid to clear up my leaves before the year end. I called up Patrick to do a spot of squidding at PJ. We met around 11pm, but the tide wasn't too good. Water level was quite low, but on the uprise. There wasn't much people there, though the spots at the end of the Jetty were taken up by a couple of surfcasting folks.

We gathered near the jetty steps and cast out our little squid jigs. But maybe due to the low water, nothing productive. I snagged my jig on some obstructions, and soon lost it. Argh..another one bit the dust. I suggested to Patrick to go Boardwalk to check it out, since he had never been there.

Reaching there, I parked at my regular spot just beside the chalets. It was a few minutes walk to reach the Boardwalk, in front of the Sailing club, facing the sea. PT continued his squidding, but again, like no action. I rigged up my L-minnow to test water if the luring action might be good. But as expected, nothing at all.

The Grub

We walked to a further end to change spot for better luck. Seeing the squidding not doing well, I decided to test out my grubs, to see if SP(soft plastic) was any good here. I rigged one for PT as well, for him to try it out.


As we were chatting and talking about fishy things, I suddenly felt a tap on my line. Instinctively, I struck and behold, something heavy was pulling at my line. Good thing was that I had the drag set to quite tight and the whatever thing below couldn't dash to the rocks for cover. Still, it was immovable for a short while, but I won the tug of war. Soon it was thrashing on the surface. I quickly lifted the fish over the railings, and fish flopped onto the boardwalk.

Quite a good size

Kena cheated by plastics

Taking a closer look, it was a grouper, and a fairly big one at that. Finally I had broken my grouper egg. All the previous ones I got, all very tiny weeny. But this was a respectable sized one, and good for a sumptuous dinner.

PT was impressed as well, and couldn't believe that the grub really worked. Other than a first in grouper, this was also my first fish ever to be caught with a SP. I would soon be getting a few more packs of these. :)

But after this excitement, the fishing died down, though the water was getting higher. Seeing that the time was already 3am, we decided to call it a day. I too was feeling quite sleepy but it was all quite worth the effort. :)


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