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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yishun Dam

Traffic jam of another kind

I had passed this place a dozen times, but never fished here seriously before. Daytime, this place would be burning hot with no shelter. But night time here, just occurred to me that it would be quite possible.

My famous lure

But just a short session, casting lure type. We found a place near the opening of the dam on the left side. A and D laid out the mat, and was actually quite comfortable. Even got ice cream man around. Yishun Dam at this time, full of gangster cars, and F1 championship wannabe.

Since the car was just a short distance away, it was quite convenient. After rigging up, I walked down to the wall beside the dam. There was already a guy there baiting. I chatted with him briefy to find out where he was casting, just so that I wouldn't cross his lines. Few cast later, nothing. I moved then to the rocky side and cast into the restricted area. There was some kind of barbed wire fence. However, it could be passed over by going around the rocks. In fact, 2 guys came later with headlights and pail with nets. I asked what they catching and they replied fish and crab. Hmm.

Interestingly, a coast guard patrol boat came by. They probably hurriedly turn off their lights to avoid getting caught.

Standing at the rocks, I cast relentlessly. The area was very rocky and I would snag if I retreived less than moderate speed. But otherwise, not that bad. I thot I got a good bite but later figured that it might be due to the rocks. After an hour, the only bites that I was getting was from the Mozzies. Went back to the car, applied some axe oil. But I think bad idea. After that, I smelled of axe oil, and probably got some of it on my reel. Perhaps due to this, no fish for me tonight.

At 11pm, Andrew asked to fish tomorrow. I said set and decided to pack and go. No fish, but good try for a new location.

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