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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Admiralty - Gamakatsu

Gamakutsa hooks

The last time, I saw lots of fishes (unknown) gathering at a squarish rock. I was quite curious to find out what they were. As I was using grubs that time, not possible to get them. Today, I came mainly to try out my new Gamakutsa hooks that I just got, and hence will be targetting small fishes.

Causeway jam

Weird birthday sign from "enemy"

A dropped me off after sending D to school. That was about 7am. Water then had gone down a little (tide: 4am), but still fairly high enough. I parked myself in front of that squarish rock again. But this time, I couldn't see any fishes there. Actually for the whole morning, I spied only a few fishes, todaks, glass fishes, a chromide. Somehow, perhaps due to the down going tide, all the fishes all gone.

I rigged a float, as well as an apollo on my Gamakutsa. This was the first time tying spaded hooks for me, and after some practices, I managed to get the hang of it.

Cast here and there, pretty quiet all around. Until I finally got a small glass fish near the edge. Well, thankful for this fellow, at least I got something today. Also, there were 2 times when the rod tip dipped quite strongly, but didn't connect ie fish got away.

After that, all quiet on the western front. As usual, some joggers would come over to look see and ask "got fish or not" type of questions. Water start to get quite dirty with some oil slicks generally at the edge. I decided to pack, and reeled up my bottom rig and was surprise to see a flower crab. Quite a fiesty fellow. Took some pics and released it.

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