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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Recce - Pandan Reservoir

Andrew suggested to lure at LSR before proceeding for our PF meet at 12.30am. I didn't mind a warming up luring practise and said to meet at LSR at 11am. Reaching there, an old man told me while crossing the traffic light that fishing was bad due to the boaters. An hour later, I was to confirm his observation.

Indeed, the boaters were all over the fishing ground at LSR. Few times, they came dangerously close to being plummeted by flying lures. I also noticed that the boating area was very weedless. Some clearing must have been done by the authorities to facilitate the boating activity. No weeds = no fish, as fishes are attracted by safe cover provided by weeds.

We tried for about an hour without any bites. Just as we were about to leave, I changed to my white grub for experimentation and managed to attract a tap just 10m from me. I tried moving my lure in the area and got another confirmation tap. However after that, it went away.

In the evening, I happened to be in the west area and wanted to check out Pandan reservoir. It was not legal to fish at this reservoir, but I had seen some postings from this place, and it looked like the catch was pretty good here.

Coming out of the carpark, the canel to the sea

Big pipes for carrying all the water

We were here

The elevated reservoir with HDB as backdrop

There was a canel running by the side of the reservoir with a giant pipe running along it. To my dismay, also no fishing. My guess was that this was the outlet for the excess water from the reservoir to lead into the sea. My GPS seemed to confirm this was so. Water in the canel could only be said to be brownish in a teh tarik tinge. Even if fishable, I wouldn't hope for anything good.

The park area round the reservoir was quite nice, and was clearly a running/jogging track for the residents here. But air in Jurong west had a funny taste to it, and I didn't think deep breathing around here was good for health.

Small one

I took a stroll around the reservoir to have a look at the water. The perimeter of the reservoir was quite huge, and it would take more than an hour, I guess, to walk around it. Just from my 30 minutes of walking near the banks, I already spied a few fishes. And what shocked me was I saw the biggest PB I had ever seen alive that was in the 2-3kg region. Wow. If only it is fishable here.

Nice wild plants

Sunset view

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