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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Newbie Fishing - Lesson 2

After some pondering, I decided that last night Rapala might be too stiff, especially for a lady. I had seen Jennifer (Eric's friend) with a connoisseur, and felt that it was just nice for light fishing. I called up the shop and asked if they had connoisseur, and to my delight, they do carry. They kindly agreed to make an exchange.

We met up at CV today, and shop did the swap, no questions asked. However, shakespeare connoisseur cost a little more, and we had to top up $6 for the price of $51. I had never seen it up close, and I was quite impressed with the quality. Fuji guides somemore. I might even get one myself to replace my ultra flexy Basslove.

So today was for lesson 2, to guide WC and J on how to manage their own rods. Before meeting them, I drove past by a newly renovated part at Car park 6. I had spied some cars inside some dirt road and was curious to check out the place. Turning in just after car park 7, there it was. With D's camera, I trekked into the dirt road to come to this opening. From the rubbish there, it was clear that people had been fishing here. The spot leads out to the opening of the canel, just starting into secret spot.

For lesson 2, we headed back to 6 pipes for another round of training. I wasn't too hopeful of other spots in Singapore, and 6 pipes was still on top of my good fishing spot list. We were there earlier than yesterday and was there from about 4+pm. However, weather was quite fine due to the cloudy sky. At some times, it could really be scorching hot here, as there was nary a shade. But wind was tremendously strong, and all our cast would get blown to the left. Due to that, water current was also strong, and there were times, I wasn't even sure if the sinker was hitting bottom.

After guiding WC and J on how to setup their rod, I cast out my line to the left side of the Jetty as usual.

Today however, due to the strong current, it was not easy to feel the taps of the fishes. Furthermore, the newbies were now using mono. So for a good part of the session, there were hardly any catches. I broke the ice by hauling in a nice grouper. This was my first grouper on regular apollo. Not too bad, I would say. I later got lucky again and hit a fair size Pasir2.

J got some luck, and landed a small Pasir Pasir without even feeling it. Nevertheless, it was an opening catch for her new rod. It was now left to WC to get one for himeself. However, time past rather quickly and soon light got dimmer. I took over the rod from WC and tried to at least get a fish to "bless" his new rod.

There was a strong tap, but I missed the hookup. Uncle on my right suddenly got a strong fight where he was trying just in front of the Jetty. It looked like a good fish from the way the rod was bending and trembling. When fish surfaced, it was a catfish, but I think close to a kilo one. Uncle grinned and said "tosat" meaning catfish in malay.

Just as I was losing my hope of hitting one, there was a strong tap, and I struck. Fish connected and it felt like a decent one. When fish landed on the ground, we saw it to be another eel tail catfish. Well, better than nothing. :). At least rod got something the first time. Since we don't really eat catfish amongst us, it was released.

By then it was already dark. Good thing I brought my torch this time round. Fishing wasn't too good, but that's what makes fishing interesting. There are good days, and there are bad days. After a bad day, one could always look forward to a better one.

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