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Friday, November 02, 2007

Sembawang Jetty - Gamakatsu

Sembawang Jetty

Today's tide was really lousy, and by the time I got move about with my car, tide was already on the way down. Nevertheless, I decided to head for Sembawang Jetty to try out my new Gamakutsa.

Even though I had fished at Sembawang before, I had never tried the Jetty. It was usually very crowded, full of crabbers with crabnets all over. However, tonight seemed quite fishable, and we settled down at the BBQ table just beside the Jetty.

I rigged up a single rod, not planning to stay long. Again, tied my apollo rig and cast out. I tried a few spots here and there. Water didn't look very good, but it was dark and hard to see. However, I could see dirty foam around the jetty.

Two decent fish

I kept getting Glass fishes, altogether about 5 or 6 of it, all of which were released. It was quite indicative that the water was rather bad. However, I did manage to get 2 good fishes, a Gelema and a Grunter. Took some pics and released them.

There was a family at the Jetty entrance, and 2 little boys that was rather excited with my catches. I think Dad was targetting big fishes, but from the looks of it, wait long long. One of the boys asked me "dead or alive". I thot it a strange question, and replied, "fish is jumping right?". But he replied, "Dead prawn or live prawn?" Hmm....looks like this little guys knew a thing or two about fishing. Later when I got the Grunter, he asked, "how come you catch all small fishes?" Well, that was a thoughtful question :)

Only after fishing about 1 hour, I left the place having completed checking out the water. Conclusion was as expected: not a good fishing ground.

The renovated restaurant

The Naval Shipyard

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