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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Stuff - Golden Mean Green Arrow

I finally got myself a classic luring rod that I had been eyeing for awhile. Known as the Green Arrow, it is made by a quite unknown company Golden Mean. The rod is only found in Japanese catalog, and is a dedicated bass fishing rod ie luring rod. Only lure fishing enthusiast would know about it. Costing around $125, it not exactly cheap. However when I returned home with it, I found the wordings "Made in China" on it. Everything is made in China these day isn't it?

The rod felt good in my hands, quite light and firm and well balanced. However, compared to my Trusty regno, it is a tad stiffer. ie not for very light lures.

The butt

SIC guides

Reel seat

The rating

Made in China

Comes with a nicely printed rod bag

Eager to try it out, I did my first cast at Macritchie Reservoir. I still haven't gotten any fish here and was hoping that with my new rod, this fact could be changed. However 2 hours later, I was to return fishless. In fact, for the last couple of fishing attempts, I have yet to get anything. Seems like the dry spell is on again. Haz.

Test session at Macritchie Reservoir


Zhao Wei said...

haha, its very hard to find one without "made in China". but not always so bad lah, its up to the manufacture's control.

Dynaway said...

hi fren... can let me know where u get this Golden Mean Green Arrow Rod at $125??? am looking for one 10-16lb 1pc rod...thanks

nafishnafish said...

Try Sabre (Beach Road)