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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recce and small fish

I was driving along the TPE (Tampines express way) where there was this part that crosses a river. I had on many occasions wondered how it was possible to get there and being quite a boring Weekend, I made a last minute turnoff at the Ponggol exit. Turning on my GPS, I started tracking the contour of the river and ended up in a dead end, in front of Serangoon Secondary School.

From the road, there was a wide field beyond which lies the river. I came out of the car and trekked across the field to have a look see. To my surprise, it was actually a Park connector, with the river quite accessible.

Singapore Merman

The water was the typical canel water, at some parts quite dirty and foul looking. But there were plenty of splashes in the water. I was also shocked to see a man in the river itself. It took me a while to realize that he was putting out net in the river to catch fish. I stealthily took some shots hoping to catch this unusual activity.

River that shouts KBL. But I think not likely

This place infested with Tilapias

I was contemplating to setup my old trusty but when D and A started to complain about mozzie attacks, I decided against it. Some foreign workers were doing net casting and from their plastic bag full of fishes, there were plenty indeed. I asked permission to have a peep, and found that the fishes were all Tilapias. Nothing very good, but quite possible on lure. I suppose that the workers are catching them for supplement to their food.

Next day, was doing my usual "fish while waiting for swimming lesson" session at LSR. Started experimenting with my hardcore vibe, but nothing was interested. Switch to my Halco. 2nd cast, I was thinking to see how the lure was swimming nearing the edge, when out of the blue, an aggressive little bugger rocketed of the rocks and hit it. For it's size, it put up a splashy fight, but was of cos no match for my Regno. I lifted it out of the water for some photo taking and plonked the fish back into the water. But the hooks hit the gills and it probably cannot survive.

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