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Sunday, October 05, 2008

1st PB at LPR and new friend

I was having quite a bad weekend with nothing much to show in terms of fishing. This morning short session at LSR yielded nothing. My favourite playground was undergoing some sort of construction and the usual left side of the fishing ground was sectioned off with construction panels, blocking the access. The middle part of the fishing area was rather unsuitable for fishing as it was smacked right in the kayaking training circuit. I was running the risk of hooking some bumbling kayakers at every throw. And fishes were not there despite some focused casting.

"Prawn" fishing

The rest of the day was rather hum drum, until I dropped by a aquarium shop to get a filter for my tank. I took the opportunity to get for D a fishing net and a small plastic container. Due to that, I decided to run by LPR at her request to do some "prawning" ie using net to catch those tiny prawns abundent in the reservoir.

Since I was already there, I did some casting as well to past the time. From 4.30 till 6pm, nothing was biting and I was feeling discouraged at such a unproductive ground. Out of the blue, I saw the man on bicycle again. I had met him last weekend, doing his fly fishing. This time round, we were more chatty and I got to know him quite well. Shah (his name) is quite a regular at CoHo, and in fact, he learnt his fly fishing from the famous Uncle Amin. He was very knowledgable of the area here, and offered me to fish by his side. I was told that the fishes here would "arrived" once the sun has set. From his account, he caught about 4 yesterday evening at the same time.

Small L-minnow I was using on my soft ryobi bass love rod

His eyesight was very sharp and he spied a moving crowd of Toman babies shifting on the water. When it got into range, we both cast out our lines in an attempt to get them. He got a bite but lost it. I was luckier and managed to hit one tiny toman. D was excited and wanted to keep it at home. We put it into the tiny tank which could barely fit it.

By this time, I was happy that I had broken my "egg" that I had for some weeks.

True to his words, the PB arrived soon when it got a little darker. He landed a fairly good sized PB around 6.30pm. I was impressed and continued to cast out my tiny L-minnow. We weren't sure if the color of the L-minnow was suitable as PB tend to go more for orange/yellow combi. But my apprehension was unfounded and I soon got a hit and brought up a fair sized PB.

I had quite a bit of difficulty taking the pic, as it was thrashing quite strongly and threw out the L-minnow. Then it landed on a small puddle of water and splashed water all over me. Definitely a fiesty one.

It got dark and fishing was no longer possible. But thanks to my new found friend, I am more knowledgable about the fishing here, and would certainly be back for more.

It was a good weekend after all.

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