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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Macritchie "Lure" fishing

My fishing record here had remained a fat zero at this dismay fishing spot. However, with my new knowledge about PBs being active at the setting sun, I went ahead for yet another try. Never give up, is my Motto.

Reaching there, I was rather late and the already the sun was setting. In 15-20 minutes or so, it would soon be dark and impossible to fish. I hastily rigged up and shot out my fat rap.

Fishing with a deep diver like fat rap is a rather strenous affair, as divers has more resistence and needed more arm power to lure. When it near the banks, it would scratch and drag along the bottom and tend to pick up debris from the reservoir. And one such cast, saw me dragging up a Popper that must have been lost by some lurer here. I left it on the water edge thinking to get it later to dispose of it. However later on, the light got too dim and I couldn't find it. Later, another cast saw me dragging up another diver. It was certainly a new kind of "lure" fishing :)

Just as I was thinking of going back empty handed, I felt a sudden tug. At first I thought my lure was stuck on a rock. But when my lines started spooling out, I knew I had something and it felt strong and good. Trying to tire it out, I played with it and keep the tension taut. I was thinking toman. My Fat rap had previously gotten a toman before. My Green Arrow was a strong rod, and the fish was no fight for it. But to my surprise, the fish made a sudden jump and I saw that it was a large PB. Nearing the bank, I was about to lift it up when it did another ariel leap. This time, it caught me off guard and the lure came off. PB landed near the water edge and was sleeping on the side on the rocks. But before I could pick it up, it recovered and dashed back into the water.

Argh! What a waste. But at least I saw it. It was just unlucky that I couldn't get a pic of it, it being my first ever PB here, and also first on my Green Arrow.

After that, cast and cast but nothing else was biting. It was getting darker and getting impossible to fish. Despite the fish having gotten away, it was a definite endorsement of this area that it was still fishable. Another day...another day.

After cleaning up, it was found to be a duel quiet wave.

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