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Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was feeling adventerous today and drove around trying to find some new spots to try out. I was coming in from SLE and turned out to Seletar Camp to try my luck. Switching on my GPS, I looked around for bodies of water, but didn't have any luck locating any that is fishable. Just as I was driving out around thomson, I saw my GPS indicating a stream leading out from Upper Seletar reservior . Looking interesting, I turned into Springleaf area, a mostly private residential estate.

And there is was, a river-like stream leading out from the mouth of the reservoir. In local terms, it was more "long kang" than anything else. In fact, from the road that I passed by quite often, you could see it. And true enough, there were already some senior citizens doing baiting. At least here, it is not illegal.

I parked the car beside the road and when to recce the area. With my shades, I spotted at least about 6-7 PBs. And at least 2 of them are huge. With my interest piqued, I setup my rod to try some luring. However, the weather was warm and not ready comfortable. A and D were evidently not happy with the place, and I had to make my trip a short one.

I picked an area near to the mouth and tried with my red head crystal minnow. But the lure was too big. I next changed to my small L-minnow and tried again. But there was zero interest and nothing was attacking my delicious looking lure. I gave up and packed and walked back the 200 metres to the car. However along the way, I again spied the 2 big PBs swimming along the edge. The PBs here were sensitive to the presence of humans. Once they were aware about me looking at them, they swam away. Hmm.

The opportunity was too great for me to miss, and I reset my rod again and told A and D to wait in the car. I cast a few times, but again no interest. But there was a heart stopping moment on one cast when I was reeling back the lure. Just 10 metres away, a huge PB gave chase to my lure. When the lure was near to me, it sensed my presence standing on top of the water and immediately made a U-turn. Darn, there went my only chance. I cast for another 5-10 minutes, but got no further luck.

I left the area for the sake of A and D who were waiting for my "5 more minutes". Quite an interesting place. Would try here again.

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