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Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Fish of the Year

We wanted to catch the fireworks for the new year. Since the celebration was at Vivocity, the idea was to try to get a glimpse of it from Lab Park. We got there around 8.30pm and by then, the car parks were already full. Apparently, everyone else also had the same bright idea. In fact at the pavilion, the atmosphere was carnival like, with children running all over the place.

I brought along my rods and set it up with a grub. The plan was to do some luring until the final countdown. But the fishing area, were all fully occupied in one long row. I managed to squeeze myself between 2 surfcasters again, the trick being not to cross their lines. The tide was quite low but I couldn't move down the rocks to cast as it was very slippery and dangerous. Luckily, the person on my left moved away and I have a wider casting angle. I must had been doing at the rate of 3 cast per minute, and had gone on for one and half hours. That should put me somewhere between 270 casts for tonight.

Grub finally got stuck in the rocks, and I had to snap the line. Next change was to my trusty crystal minnow. And first cast from this fellow, the line came back with something vibrating like a broken portable massager. I was quite puzzled at first but on closer look, I realised I got a fish. A very small mudskipper. That must had been some record. To think that a fellow that small would go for a lure that big. Having gotten this, nothing else is impossible. I unhooked the tiny fellow and released it.

Feeling all re-engerised, I made a couple hundred more cast. But nothing else was biting till the countdown. Still, I was glad that I wasn't going back empty handed. A fish is still a fish.

The countdown was over as soon as it started. No loud shouting of 8,7,6....etc. All I knew was suddenly, there were fireworks in the sky. But the viewing angle was bad as it was mostly blocked by an island in between. The fireworks were over in 5 minutes. Quite a disappointment for all of us.

After that, everyone was scrambling to get out of the area. Needless to say, leading to a huge jam on the way out. We had to wait in the car for about an hour before the traffic cleared.

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