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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Recce - Spot at Lor Halus

I had very much wanted to fish today, given that I had not done so for the long weekends. But the tide was unfavourable. The weather was hot and being the afternoon, I didn't want to get scorched by the sun. I drove around and decided to visit the old charcoal factory. The last time there, some shade was possible. However reaching there, water was low like anything. Though I fished for a little while, I gave up. It was just not worth the time. Furthermore, someone else was wakeboarding in the dirty river.

I drove around with my GPS, and chanced upon a possible spot. A few people were fishing there. But the ground was rough, and I had to bash into some forestation to get there. Being lowtide, fishing seemed crazy at that time too.

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