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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recce - Cemetary spot

No plans for fishing today, but just a lazy afternoon driving around. I was curious about another fish icon on my GPS, this time in Singapore itself. Looking at the map, it was deep into our renown Chua Chu Kang cemetary. After lunch at Jurong Point, I drove over to have a look see.

One of the many tracks

Now this place, never come at night. I am sure it would be downright spooky. But in the bright afternoon, it was in fact quite a nice and peaceful place. Maybe in 20-30 years time, I would have a spot here.

It's true. Birds of a feather, flock together

Aw, the way in is blocked

There were a large gathering of Heron just flocking around that area. They are beautiful birds, and we snapped quite a number of pictures of them. Following the directions on my GPS, alas the way to the fish icon was blocked by a authoritative fence with an army no trespassing sign. The entrance was just outside of the National Shooting Centre. From where we were, there were shootings going on for sure. Oh, there even was a bus service in.

I almost e-brake upon seeing this

It looked like the place was a live firing area, and certainly doesn't looked safe. Disappointed, I drove around to see if there was perhaps another way in. But no luck at all. However around a certain stretch, I saw a familiar sight, someone fishing! I was curious enough to stop the car and came down to have a look.

Walking nearer to him, I exchanged greetings, spurting the usual "got fish or not" type of questions. Man was quite friendly and said no fish today, due to the constant raining. From the canal entrance, I could see a long dirt path down. I asked man politely where it lead to and was told that it would lead to Poyan reservoir. But the way in was deep and would need about half an hour. This reservoir, I am sure that lots of Singaporeans didn't even know about.

From here, a long interesting way in

Opposite a disused army camp?

I was very curious as to what I would find at the end, and decided to make a trek in. With my camera, I took a slow walk down and was prepared to do the half hour walk. The road in, I was to find out, was quite rough. There were no proper tracks, but more like muddy field dirt path. My sandal got quite dirty and needed a wash when I returned. But the water along the way was full of activities. For sure there were plentiful of tomans and haruan in this area. I even once saw one sticking up the head for air.

Canal beside these residents

Something here

Dead end (for my slippers)

About 10 mins in, I came to a sort of dead end. To go further, I needed to have proper tracking shoes or army boots. I was just on my slippers and it wasn't safe to proceed. I made the turn back and went back to the man fishing to chat more. He was doing live baiting with 3 rods. One with a tosat, one with worm and the other, I wasn't sure. He told me that he just missed one. Man seemed experienced in this kind of fishing.

After that, I drove out and right into a "jam" at the muslim cemetary. I think due to the coming Hari something holiday, lots of them were there to visit their family grave. Never thot that a cemetary could be that busy.

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