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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

LPR Ranger

Mr Ranger in green

Just went for a quiet Xmas afternoon in the park. Naturally, I took out my rod for some casting exercise. This place had not been very productive, having only caught 2 Tomans here before. But the terrain was quite flat and shallow with no weeds and hiding place ie. Not likely to have fish.

I played cheat a little and went to the further end for casting, slightly beyond the legal grounds. There the water deeper and had better chance. But along came the Ranger and asked to see my lure (was using a grub). He must have took that I was using live bait. Seeing that it was a plastic thingy, he just gave me a warning politely and asked me to fish within the legal area OR else will book me. I gingerly obeyed, relieved that he didn't give me a ticket.

A group of family with some noisey kids came along and saw me fishing just outside the signboard. Little boy turned around and scowled at me saying "You break the rules!". Yeah yeah...>:(

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