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Saturday, December 15, 2007

$8 fishing

I was doing some tackle shopping at Beach road when Andrew asked if there was any fishing tonight. Nothing was planned yet, and the weather was so wet. But I said to meet him for dinner at CV and we could go do some light fishing, weather permitting.

To our surprise, when we arrived around the vicinity, there wasn't any rain at all. At CV, seeing that Andrew had yet to arrive, I continued my tackle shopping at the shops there. I finally settled for my heavy tackle, and was all set for any sail fishing in the near future. But that really put a hole in my pocket.

The idea at first was to go broadwalk. But we had been there quite a few times. Wanting to try something different, and being the low tide, I suggested yacht club. Yeah, the fee was a ridiculous $8 per rod, but I thought that was the best location given the low tide.

Reaching there, we were shocked to see so many anglers. Looked like $8 was still quite cheap for most people. We moved all the way to the end, and was lucky to be able to get the prime spot, just next to the habour entrance to the Marina.

But prime spot or not, we didn't have much action. I did manage to get a good sizable bite, but due to my loose drag and my clumsy reaction, fish ran into a snag and couldn't be dislodged. It was probably a Grouper, as there are many Groupers lurking at that location. Seeing no chance, we snapped the line to try again.

AD took out his newly acquired slim max and got a Glass fish for christening. Thereafter I got an Emperor. Seeing that we didn't have any icebox, I released the fellow. AD finished up with a catch of a Kuku just under the jetty. We had a hard time trying to disgorge the hook from the mouth. After accomplishing that, we released it too.

Around 1.30am, my line got snagged and had to be snapped. After that, we called it a day. Not very fruitful despite the prime spot, but some activity nevertheless.

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