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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Surfcasting at Labrador

I had a chance meeting with Gary at AquaStar, and we agreed to meet up later for dinner. He had just bought some fishes and had to run back to release it into his chapalang tank. I said ok, and decided to meet at Labrador Park. I reached there around 5ish and setup my long rod. The tide was really low and you could see the rocks extending quite a few 10/20 metres from the sea wall. No wonder my light tackle here would always get sangkut. The air was particularly hazy that day and actually, it was quite bad to be out in the open. But it being the mooncake festival, there were scores of gathering with lanterns and sparkle sticks.

Using my surfleader was quite a different story. I was able to cast quite far and no problems with snags. I had gotten some worms and was primarily using them. But throughout the evening, no catches at all. The only one being a lucky catch of a 10 cm long Yellowbar Sandperch. The size 1 hook went through its mouth and out the gills, without piercing him at all. Really didn't know how this was at all possible. Indeed, it would require a good technique to perform this trick. :P As this was my first sandperch, I was satisfied.

I was hoping that with my long rod, it would be productive. But I heard that they were moving some corals at that area. Due to the that, the jetty was closed for night fishing. It might be because of this that the fishes weren't there. It was quite bad as I could pull back untouched worms on my hooks, after 20 minutes.

Gary came as it started to get dark. We chatted a while and packed and moved off for dinner. I brought him to c328 to intro him the most popular fish shop in the whole of singapore. For a aquarium fanatic like him, it was an eye opener.

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