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Monday, October 09, 2006

Secret Spot Pasir2

Finally got some time to try out the secret spot seriously. The day before, I was there was with Picanto friends , and didn't have time to fish properly. TC had been asking me to bring him wet his new rod and reels and today, being a Sunday, it felt like a good idea to revisit this promising location. I had spotted quite a lot of bait fishes around yesterday, so it should be good.

We passed through CV to pick up some baits and stuff and reached the place around 10am. Due to the haze, it was quite cloudy and not hot at all. There were 3 uncles fishing that location, and we parked ourselves just beside the canel.

Out went 2 rods, one on size 4 apollo and the other light tackle on tamban hooks. However, the tamban hooks were quite big and due to that, I concentrated on the main rod. Today, bait was mainly worms. We bought a pack of bread too, but found that the fishes were not taking, so ended up didn't use it. There were bites after bites, but everytime I struck, nothing. Thinking that the fishes were smaller than I expected, I downsized the hooks until I was using about size 8. And this was to go on for the next 3 hours. It was only due to my strong persistence that I finally got a small pasir pasir on size 8 hooks.

TC had given up by then and went under the tree for shade. After getting the small fish, I had enough and we packed and headed for home. Very strange experience today. Usually with this amount of bites, I should have gotten quite a fair bit of fishes, even if they were to be small ones.

Too bad for this place here. It had looked so promising. Wondering if I was doing something wrong.

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