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Monday, October 02, 2006

Kranji Reservoir

I swore that I wasn't thinking of the F word, but today being Children day, D got to choose where to go. I had lots of leave anyway and I took the day off to spend more time with her. She initially wanted to do Wild Wild Wet, but I didn't see any fun in being Wild and Wet. And it would be very expensive for the whole gang to enter but not swim. Her second choice being wanting to go reservoir to catch fishes with her primitive net the old fashion way. That sounded like a good idea and F is for fishing. I tugged along a single rod and my luring barangs.

We made our way to Kranji and I realized that there was another fishing ground at the reservoir that was permitted to fish. We had not been there before so trying it out was a pretty good idea. From looks of it, it was much cleaner than the other area and quite comfy too. Furthermore, there was a jetty to fish from. We settled down on a chair under a shady tree and D went to do her net and tiny fish thing, while I tried some luring from the jetty.

The luring was mostly throw, nothing, throw nothing. No strikes at all. But an hour later, I spied a school of about 50 juvenile tomans swimming around the Jetty. It was an interesting sight as I didn't know that tomans actually do the schooling thing. Wasting no time, I cast my lure over slightly beyond the school and pulled it through the area of activity. Sure enough, there was a hookup and I managed a single catch by foul hooking its body. As I did not had any pliers, (lost at the kelong), I wasted some precious time to unhook the fish with my scissors. By the time I got back to the Jetty spot, the school had moved on further down. Cast again, an another strike. But it got lost on the way in. Another cast, yet another strike. As I was reeling in, D and I saw 2 giant toman of about 4 ft in length going after the baby one on the hook. I shhssed D and asked her to keep quiet. I paused the pulling in and waited. Hmm, I wasn't too sure if the momma and pappa toman were actually looking to attack or protect. If they attacked, I wasn't too sure that my 10 lbs fireline would be able to take it. But as I waited for 5 minutes, they didn't appear again. So, probably were protecting the school. Interesting. After I unhook the 2nd toman and got back to the spot, the school was no where to be found. Had it not been, I could easily had gotten 10 or more.

After that, no more action. I did some trying on my deep diver and feather jig. But nothing. I did spied some giant sucker fish coming up to the surface for air. But I didn't think that the lure was going to attract them, they being the scavenger sort of fish.

Another family came and did some baiter in broad day light. D irritated them by reading the "No baiting" sign at the park. D soon got bored of playing around the area and we packed and moved to Yishun for some drinks. The 2 baby tomans, I released it as I didn't have any use for it. D wanted to keep them but I said No. Good interesting luring experience today

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