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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Recce and Carpark 5

It was the eve of Deepavali and OPC cars could drive from 3pm. I took a day leave and spent the day sleeping. D had school that day, so we couldnt go far, as we had to pick her from school around 6pm. We drove out to Lim chu kang/Kranji area for some recce. It started to rain a little and that helped to clear the haze a little. I took a left at Bahtera road and wanted to check out the place again. This was the sea area around the Sarimbun Reservior. The beach there was quite dirty with quite bit of rubbish, but still fishable. However, there looked like sand flies spot and I quickly made a retreat upon spotting them. I already had quite a lot of sand flies bites from my many outings.

We drove down to Neo tiew area and entered kranji reservoir. That day, we only tried the Kranji Park near the entrance. I wanted to look see what was at the end of the park. The water today was so clear that we could see the fishes in the water. A toman here, a luo han there. Interesting! I was so tempted to run back to the car to take my fishing gear...but decided against it. There were 2 uncles catching Yabies. We stopped by the jetty to have a look, but man, it wasn't easy. We waited like for 15 minutes and still nothing from them. I gave up and went back to the car.

The Picanto people wanted to meet up at CV that night and I popped over to CV after picking up D. We had dinner, picked up some bait. Gary and Irene came over too for dinner and we sat with them till they were done. From there, up the road and parked at carpark 5. The place was quite empty and we got a seat, put out some floor mat and we were in business.

I rigged up a single rod with my loomis and cast out just for luck. Through the short night, 1 miss, 1 catch (a sembilang) and another miss. We packed around 11.30pm as we had to go JB the next day.

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