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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Changi Car Park 4

After D's swimming lesson today, we went down to changi car park 4 for D to get her lunch, and some lunchtime fishing for me. I had not been to this car park before, but it was actually just a short distance away from the Car park 5. Today, it was rather quiet and empty, due to the fasting month. It went to show that most park users were Malays. :P.

But the water was infested with seaweed. I would pull up chunks of seaweed wrapped around my live prawns. I was using a running sinker but decided to take out the sinker and let the prawn float weightless around. After setting that up, I rigged up my light tackle to test out the water.

For the sabiki rig, I had to try to cast far, away from the algae. Luckily it worked sometimes and I managed to myself 2 sillagos, 1 tripod, 1 sembilang (cat fish). I missed a silvery kind of fish. (Sigh, I like silvery fishes). My rod with the live prawn managed to get a 500g thereabout Gemang (cat fish). Strangely, it was caught using the exact method at Car park 5. ie running sinker, circle hook, live prawns.

2 uncles were walking around when they saw me caught the gemang. They returned a short while later and I could hear them exclaimed that I got another one when I hit the tripod. They must had been impressed. But sadly, I had been catching quite a bit of sillagos, tripods and catfishes. Very tired of it.

I stopped around 2pm and had wanted to head home. My homework was weighing heavily on my mind. I got lazy on Sat and didn't do anything and the dreaded dateline was creeping nearer. But since we were near to the secret place, I decided to do some recceing to see if I could find if there was any way to route to the secret place. The original easy route had been blocked by some new construction. I drove around, trying various route but no luck. But to my surprise, I saw a few cars inside the area. There must then be another road in after all. After some failed exploration, it occurred to me that it might accessible via another entrance. I head out and drove down the road and tried a few different entrances. And Bingo! I managed to find it and confirmed that it was correct when I passed by some people with fishing rods. :).

I drove around and managed to re-route to the original secret place. But the road was quite rough and I might not want to bring the whole gang there. After the trip, my car was very dusty and the tires definitley looked 4WD. There was another spot that looked quite clean and nice. I thought that might be a better choice as there was no need to drive too deep in.

We stopped at a corner beside the canel that cut across the 2 sections of the area. As it was low tide, D and A wanted to picked top shells. I obliged and at the same time, rigged up my 6 footer to try the water. A picked up a stranded Scat trapped in the low tide and release it into the sea. But luck was not with me and I got snagged 2 times without catching anything. Due to the un-prepareness, I decided to stop and made our way out. Next week high tide might be better.

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