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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kelong Limat Once Again

First time for him to go under the Tuas custom bridge

Hey, a new Kelong here

Patrick happened to be free today and we decided to pay a visit to the Tuas Kelong as he hadn't been there before. To my surprise when I called to book it, I was informed that it was empty. It used to be rather crowded as there was a group that frequent there every weekend. Previously, the catch rate here was pretty impressive, and there were some photos of some past catches of big fishes.

I mis-stepped and almost fell into this hole. Unluckily my arm hit the wooden pole and stablised me

Nobody here

When we arrived there, indeed it was. The fishing was very relaxing given that we had the kelong to ourselves. However, the fishes weren't there. Even getting Tamban was a rather difficult affair. I tried to do some luring and did manage to get some bites from the todaks but couldn't get a firm hookup. As Todaks here was rather small and hence, the hookup wasn't easy.

Yay! Her first todak

Time slowed down

She got another one

Seeing not much action, I decided to throw out some glass fishes for todak fun. I let D have a go at handling the fish herself and landing it. She managed to get 2 of them, all by herself.

Good pic to make into jigsaw puzzle

Moon came out

Dog int the dog house

Leaving the Kelong

However, that was about it for the fishing here. No encounters with any other biggies. Even using bait on tamban jigs was not easy although Patrick's wife did get some wrasse and small leatherjacket. We packed around 5.30pm and got the boatman to bring us back.

Although not much in terms of fishing, it was a relaxing outing. We had a good dinner at the famous Tien Lai restaurant before heading back to JB town for some shopping and then back home.

Patrick checking on his pics

We couldn't even fill up this tiny icebox

Reaching the Jetty

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