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Saturday, September 12, 2009

KFC - Tampines Quarry

We went Tampines Quarry this morning. I think this is not an illegal spot. Well, I don't see any no fishing sign here. In fact, there were plenty of rubbish and litter on the floor that indicated that there were lots of fishing activities here. We cast for a while and caught nothing. This place was a far cry from most of the shh spots that we go to. But there were occasional splashes from some big monsters in the water. Some quite near to us.

The char bee hoon fly

Tiny 4-5 cm fingerling. Got foul hooked on the body

I was trying out the char-bee-hoon fly and got the smallest fish ever in my life on artificial. It was a tiny PB fingerling. Probably only about 4-5 cm. But it was foul hooked on the body. I quickly took out the hook w/o any pics. I had wanted to catch a small PB to put into my tank. But this fellow didn't seem to be in good health after having the hook impale the middle of its body. But it was still alive as I put it into a plastic bag.

My 2nd PB. A more respectable catch

Tapao for my aquarium

My second fish on the char-bee-hoon fly was a more respectable small PB. It gave a good fight as I guided it in to avoid the many branches. Fish was nicely hooked on the lips. With my debarbed hooks, it was removed easily. I quickly find a bigger plastic bag from the trash around and have it nicely bagged/tapao for my aquarium. The other tiny one, I released hoping that it would recover.

Uncle stood behind me doing nothing for 15 mins until I moved to another spot. Must be I took his favourite spot

Pat and KT got nothing on both sides of me. After a while, some people came with bicycles to do baiting. Seeing what they were carrying, they were fully equipped to target the bigger monsters here. One uncle waited at my spot until I moved away. Probably his favourite bottom spot. Quite cool. His bicycle is a modified rod stand.

Here no fish, but plenty of rubbish :(
Please, if you fish, take care not to litter the area.

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