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Thursday, September 10, 2009

KFC - Why Legal Fishing Spots has no fish

We discovered a spot lately that was very productive. The last time we went, we were quite late and there was already a crowd fishing at the corner. Not wanting to crash the party, we did some fishing along the banks and only managed to hit one small fish. KT almost lost his vibe but was lucky again to save it back.

This morning, I brought Pat back to the same spot. But this time, despite all the difficult-to-walk terrain, we braved the muddy ground and trod along to reach the river mouth. Already at 6.40am on a Thursday morning, there were around 4 or 5 or so chinese foreign workers with 1 or 2 locals fishing there. Mind you, they were not only using little bait fishes, but were also on feathers and lures. Quite sophiscated this bunch. Squeezing ourselves on a narrow side, we did our casting.

Pat has reached the place earlier on while I was assembling my gear. When I joined him, he already got a big momma PB. The area here was simply amazing. There was water movement all over. At some places, it was almost boiling from all the feeding frenzy. The group beside us was on a roll. They were pulling up PBs every minute. Looking around, I saw that they were certainly not the Catch & Release type and the fishes were meant to be "tapaoed" back. From my estimate, there were already like 20+ PBs in 2 keepnets. Overhearing their conversation, they had gotten 70+ the day before. I wouldn't be surprised if they were here everyday and catching them at this rate. With some mental calculations, this would work out to about 2000 odd PBs per month. Can they really eat all that?

I can understand that they might want it for food as eating in Singapore is not cheap, and what more to have live fish for food. But shoudn't there be a limit of what they can eat? The bagging limit in this case would probably be how much they can carry back before giving up. There was no other word for it. The PBs here were simply waiting to be massacred.

That morning, my fly wasn't tied quite well and didn't swim naturally. Due to that, I only had 2 hits. Pat had 3 hits and some escaped ones. But given the crowded location, I wasn't quite in the mood to fish that much. It was just an eye opening to see how greedy people can get. When we toss the PB back to the water, one chap even got the cheek to chide us for putting it back into the same fishing area saying that it would spook all the other fishes away.

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Anonymous said...

Wheres this spot? Still any fish left??