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Monday, October 05, 2009

We Got Caught

Well, I had been thinking to post this or not...but my principle in life, the good, will take it, the bad, will also take it. Part of living a life worth living is to take living to the edge, and challenge boundaries. But of cos, I am not talking about bungee jumping or doing prison break or diving out of a plane. I am probably too old for that, and will get a heart attack if I try. Yet, life is meant to be lived, and never try, never know.

Some lot of us have been doing fishing that is considered less than legal in the eyes of the law. Sadly, in Singapore, places with fishes are always out of bounds. Well, but we have been careful to adhere to the principle of the rules that we are breaking. The purpose of the ruling was to ensure that our water is free from litter and to preserve our aquatic heritage. From what we had seen, the rules are there for a good purpose. We had come across many places that had been littered by inconsiderate baiters with rubbish and lunchboxes, as well as nets and fishing tackles. We also have seen people that harvest the fishes in our reservoir so much so that the water gets depleted of life. For what it is worth, we have been careful in the aspects of maintaining the lifestock and keeping the places clean. And also not to disturb other park users as well.

But yet for some strange reason, people are allowed to bait freely in the legal spot. Well, aren't they all breaking the law too? Somehow, there is a double standard here. I have been to LSR some early mornings and found the entire jetty filled with lines and rods and catches from the night from baiting. At kranji (a legal spot), it can be so full of baiters that I couldn't even find a place to cast. And sometimes cross their lines, they have the cheek to frown on me. :O

Unfortunately, some of us got caught on Sunday while fishing at LPR by a sting operation. I should have recognised the people in blue as they came in noisily from the legal side. But I was telling myself, hmm, they can't be that early. But to cut a long story short, we were surrounded CID style...and was approached by a guy holding up his badge and we were asked to surrender our ICs. They even asked me if I am Singaporean!? Well, I probably looked like a terrorist since I didn't shave that morning. No negotiation is allowed until we gave our ICs to the rangers. Although they soften after we did that and tried to reason with them, I don't think we will be let off easily. We are now expecting a letter from our PUB this few days. Somehow this compared to a speeding ticket, has a more serious tone to it. Like feeding monkeys, I guess. Apparently, someone has tipped off the rangers and complained about us. We were shown an SMS from the public about our illegal fishing activity.

I think our mood has been quite affected by this happening. Sometimes, I wonder if they are catching the right people? For us who enjoy the sport and are matured enough to preserve our environment, we get caught and got treated like criminals. While people are freely throwing out baits into our clean water and littering the legal spots all over. Even at the illegal spots, there are plenty of illegal fisherman that harms the environment and the water by fishing from floating platforms and bringing back all their catches. I mean, what are the people on the floating platform collecting weeds doing!? While they have not broken any rule, they are destroying the habitat and dirtying the water.

I thought I need to let this out, and not wallow in the inevitable. In my conscious, while I know that we have broken the law but have done so knowing that we did not harm anything. Tell me, don't we break the law everyday? Jay walking, illegal parking, speeding (don't speed 100km/h how to overtake???), illegal car mod, pirate DVD etc etc...The thing is, while the law is meant for the good of the people, it cannot cover all instances for everyone. But Singaporeans tend to be very obedient after years of living under PAP rule that we usually are scared to voice out and challenge boundaries.

End of the day, it is just a probably just a fine for a small offence. But maybe I will need to do a jail break if I got sent to jail....haha. Watch out for the next episode. :))


pat said...

Hello! Came across your blog when I was doing some research for cooking/fishing series I'm doing for local Malay TV show.
Your blog is a fun and honest read. Any way I can contact you via e-mail to ask you some questions on fishing esp. kelongs in other parts of the island, besides East side.

pat said...

By the way, how about reporting on the selfish & greedy 'fishermen' who litter/ fish too many/ dirty the waters? Next time you see them you call NP and complain..

nafishnafish said...

Hi Pat. Thanks for the compliments. You can contact me at Eh, I think you have already come on ning? We can chat there. :)

Yeah, there is a tendency to want to blow the whistle. But it is not for me to judge. We can only hope that over time, more education can be done about this. Singapore is already too much of a "fine" country.

Anonymous said...

Other ppls use bait and catch fish is their problem!! When they use bait,dirty....also not dirty yr house and property!!! Ppl take is not yours,not yr father,mother buy one.....u give a fucking damn for what!'!?.......

And u are really hopeless.....u could lie that u did not bring yr ic. ........ If they force u,u report to police for use of violent means.....make them lose their jobs........or.....if the guards are the old and fat...not active type.....u just run away......the idiot guards dont come more than fours.

And wtf is yr prob......y cant people frown!?!? Its their own facial muscles what!! U deserve their frowns......for example.....if 1of the guys line u crossed just happen to be braided line....most probaly will result in a messy tangle of "hairballed" lines......u know how expensive braided lines are!?!?.....around 40 to 50....minimum also got 30..... And usually when braided and mono line tangle together with many will be impossible to undo.