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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Are We At Changi Boardwalk?

Asked the spunky P2. In fact, we were just there minutes ago but his mind was affixed with D's PSP that everything other thing else was just a blur. We had planned to do some squidding and met up at Changi Boardwalk. But upon reaching there, the water was dreadfully low that any fishing was dead impossible. We decided then to detour for FW3 to just do some quick fishing for an hour.

The fishing was just $10 for an hour at the C&R pond. It was KT's first time there and it would be good experience for him to get something bigger than the usual PB. Andrew and I were quite surprised that he wanted to lure instead of the customary baiting over here. But that turned out to be a good decision.

Luring is allowed but with single debarbed hooks. He had with him some spoons that were armed with single hooks, so it was all right. We quickly setup to make full use of the hour. The children had a good time over there continuing feeding their pet animals on the PSP.

For us baiting, the action was rather slow. Andrew had some small bites but got away. About half hour into the fishing, we heard a reel sing beside us and it was kt's. Amazingly, he had a fish and it was a mightly strong one. Seeing his expression, he was thoroughly enjoying it.

The fish was landed with the help of one of the worker. Fish was foul hooked at the tail end. He said, "not cat, not patin", but good fish. He wanted to have the picture to display on the wall. But I was on my camera and couldn't bluetooth to him.

The silver green spoon was the one

After that, KT got another one but lost it on it's way back. Andrew got a strike just minutes before we packed. It was a small cat, but it gave a very fiesty fight on his very light celebas tackle.

Very quickly, the hour was up. Not bad for just a short session, and a good first for KT, the tireless lurer.

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