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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Recce - Permas Jaya

Their version of Rakit with nuclear facility behind.

This morning, I had to get my car fixed in preparation for the mandatory inspection coming up. Since I couldn't return back to Sin till 4pm, I wandered around Permas Jaya to check out the area. From my GPS, it was near the sea, facing singapore. Sure enough, there were roads leading to the waterfront. From there, I could see Admiralty road. Sembawang Park with the Naval base was just to my left.

The water level at that time was rather high, but the sun was bloody hot. However, it looked too tempting for me not to give it a try. I quickly rigged my rod and started casting away. I could see the occasional splashes of fishes in the water. But I later found out that they were made by the half beaks that are abundant near the water. As my lure moved pass them, they would leap out of the way, making splashes on the surface.

Other than that, I didn't have any big fish coming to crush my lure. I was using my faithful white pink crystal minnow that had quite a bit of war scars. But one mis-timed throw saw the reel locking and the line snapped. Lure flew out into the water, and was disconnected from me. I couldn't do much except to see it floating slowly away into the big ocean. Farewell my friend, you have served me well.

Very Kumpongy

My faithful lure floating away

View from the small jetty

The Jetty

A restaurant here

Fishing pond


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