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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yishun Dam Luring

I had been having a bad patch lately, and haven't gotten any good catch. Today, I happened to be visiting the Sunset Grill and Bar, and was around Yishun area. The tide was quite high at around 5pm. As I passed by the Dam and seeing people fishing, I decided to do a little try out on luring.

I had just gotten this shiny spoon today and wanted to give it a shot. The water level was quite high and rather clean and nice, and with the nice breezy late afternoon (for a change as it is normally very hot here), it was quite nice to be fishing.

Lately, I had been going light, and used my Ryobi Basslove on light lure. The spoon itself was a 7g thingy and it suited the rod quite well. With a little whip, the lure could go quite a distance on my light spinning set.

But alas despite seeing small fishes and even a PB (in the sea water area), I didn't get any bite. Spoon unluckily caught on something in the middle of the water and got snagged. I had to lose it on the first time I used it. *rats*.

I next cast out my River2Sea Middive but that didn't help with the zero score. Well, there's hope for another day then.

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