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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recce - Restricted area

Spot at Kranji

Shallow water

Some folks doing netcasting

An open gate

Construction going on

Training shed. Brought back memories

I was comtemplating to fish at the Choa chu cemetary, since my last visit there. I passed by Kranji and checked out a spot to the sea. However, it was dirty and tide was low. Didn't seem promising to me. I drove on to the cemetary spot. While driving here, I chanced to see the restricted area gate being opened. With my trusty GPS, I nimbly "gate crashed" into the restricted zone to have a look see. With the guidance of mr GPS, I droved around trying to reach the reservoir that had been out of bound to me. There were some construction that was going on. I drove pass a training shed, which is something that you don't do everyday. However when i was nearing the water area, I found to my dismay that it was blocked by some excavator. *darn*. Based on my GPS, I should be over the water, and fishing away happily by now. Defeated, I made my way back to the gate, and was shocked to see a police car waiting outside. For a moment, I thought it had come to arrest me. But as I drove past it, it didn't stop me at all. Hmmm...

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