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Sunday, June 01, 2008

LSR - End of my dry spell

D resumed her swimming lessons, and due to that I would be normally be near LSR during Sundays. Seeing that I had gone fishless for sometime, perhaps it was good idea to go back to boot camp for some training and practising.

LSR fishing had sort of degraded due to the kayaking activities, particulary during the weekends. Seeing that most of the activity was near the Jetty, I positioned myself near the other end next to the country club. Sun was a little hot, and I tried to get whatever shade under the tree where I can. I started off with my little River2Sea Sub crank

PB summoning harmonica music

After some 10 casts or so, I was starting to get discouraged. The weather sort of turned nice, with some dark clouds gathering. It did drizzled for a little while, enough to give some sort of reprieve from the hot sun. I changed to my nippy 3D-150, hoping to change my luck. Just as I was thinking of going back empty handed again, I felt the all familiar thud. I had a fish on! Trying to maintain pressure on it, I turned my back shouting to the children to get the camera. But alas, this fish had the good idea of leaping out of the water to do a somersault. That somehow did the trick as I didn't give a good enough strike. Lure came loose and rubber banded back into the water. Argh! From the water surface, I could see that it was quite a small sized PB, (abt 500g?). That accounted for the poor setting of the hooks.

Heaving some sighs, I continued fishing to hope for another chance. Normally in a session, a strike was quite good already. And I had to lose it.

Moving towards to the further end, I tried casting and casting again. Suddenly, with my shades on, I visually saw 2 PB (one bigger, one smaller) scouting the water near the edge. Instinctly, I edged the lure right into their path. Interestingly, I saw the bigger PB looking at my lure, and springing into action to snap at it. The fish was like 5 metres away from me. I gave a yank, and I had it for good. Quickly, I dragged it out onto the walkway, and the fish was mine.

The baiters around me were quite impressed, seeing that this silly guy trying to fish with a plastic actually got something. I took some pictures quickly and tried to remove the hooks, as I wanted to release the fish. About 3 minutes later, I gently put the fish back into the water, and it immediately dashed away from me as fast as it's fishy tail could take it. Thanks to it, my luring confidence has returned. :)

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