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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ubin - Wild Wild Wet

Moon over Singapore from Ubin

It was back to our playground, when Jess wanted to do Ubin again. I didn't have anything better to do and hence decided to join them. Jess, Shawn and Ah Mao were already there at 5pm when we SMSed. We joined them almost on the the last ferry.

1st attempt at Handlining

Today, it was only just us. Copying what those "bloody experts" did, Jess and Co had plenty of rods this time. And on top of that, handlines too. I brought along only 2 rods. But I did the handline thing as well with my leaders. It was the first time doing handlining for me.

We were ready, but the fishes didn't appear

But the fishing throughout the night was pretty bad. I did mostly baiting with prawns as with the others. I lured a little, but it was largely ineffective. Mao and Shawn kept getting Catfishes, which I attributed to his rig. He was using a bottom feeder rig, and hence his baits were always on the bottom, where the cat fishes were. Prawns were used up pretty fast, and we ended up with the same situation of running out of baits. End of the day, we didn't even get any grouper.

Weird thing I caught. Known as a Sea Pen

I chanced to meet the friendly man that I had met on my early trips. Seemed that he was doing crabbing again. Regular pastime for him. He didn't quite remember me, but after chatting, there were some recollections.

Howling rain

Forces of nature

Around 5am, it started raining. I had thought that rain should not be a problem since we had shelter. But it turned out to be a very cold and wet night. The wind was devil howling strong, with frequent lightning and thunder. Definitely very uncomfortable. We huddled together to keep warm, but the rain was blowing in and we were all quite wet.

Ubin happy meal

Good thing the rain subsided around 6.30am, and we quickly moved to the nearby coffee shop. It was much warmer there, and we could get food and drinks. Quite an experience to be caught in such a bad weather, especially for the children.

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