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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rakit Palau Layang - Reiza

TC car following behind

TC called the day before to revisit Rakit Palau Layang, after seeing my good catches for the last trip. Actually, there are still many "rakits" around that area, and I didn't mind trying them all out.

We meet again

The place we were heading

So much for confidence. TC came with this tiny icebox

Therefore today, after the last on the "verge of collasping" rakit, we went for the most presenatable and comfortable one. This one was called Reiza Rakit. This would be more expensive, costing RM20 per pax.

Yippee. So fun

Arriving there, it was indeed not bad. Almost had the feel of a full scale kelong. There were rooms that you could book at RM40. Toilet was presentable and ample fresh water for washing. There were lots of shady areas and shelter. So, it looked like the RM20 was well spent.

But unfortunately, the water condition was quite bad. Water was murky, and at times, quite dirty. We arrived there around 9+am with cool windy skies. But that soon became quite hot, and I did the stupid thing of not putting on sunblock. At the end of the day, TC and I were looking like lobsters from outer space.

String of glassfishes

First good catch


Undaunted, we setup our tamban jigs and went around trying out luck. TC managed to draw first blood by catching a tiny weeny glassfish. After that, it was quiet for about half hour despite jigging diligently. My luck took a turn, and I started landing glassfishes, overscoring TC result of 1. And indeed, I had a sudden good catch of a Cencaru, a fish that I had read about in Rod and Line. I hadn't gotten this before, so it was a welcome first.

Mama Tamban!

Tiniest Selar

Close up (fish was released)

Around 11am, I got my first Tamban and after that a few more although not plentiful like the last rakit. We used some them as bait. TC was targeting todaks, and the tambans came in handy.

I had also 2 very lucky catches of what we termed as Grandpa and Grandma Tambans. It was really huge. But strangely, no fight whatsoever. But still, it was another first for me. So the trip was turning out quite ok.

So heavy

Yeah, I got a fish

An angry Gelama

Around 2pm, there were no other fishes to be gotten. Some of the other fishing folks were fishing in the well under the shelter as it was too hot to be standing in the sun. A managed to get 4 scats within the short time she was fishing. Not bad at all.

My charlie which met the fate of flying off into the sea when my reel suddenly locked

Papa Tamban

Handsome fellow

I finally got it!

Not bad size

TC and I were at the back of the rakit aiming for todaks as we spied quite a few swimming around. There were some actions, with the todaks grabbing the bait offerings and taking off. But catching them was quite trickly as they would succeed most time to throw out the hook. I took the opportunity to try to lure with my x-rap, which was reputated to be good for Todaks. But not much luck, although I had one solid bite which got away. TC finally succeeded with a good size Todak and he was grinning from ear to ear. He authoratively told me that todaks don't eat plastics. hrrmph...

So ccccute

Pretty fellow

Finally some fellow from live prawns


This rakit is the tiny speck near to the man in red

In the late afternoon, the current was too strong, and not much fishes were around. Even the obliging todaks went somewhere else. But we managed to use apollo with prawn meat to catch some bottom residents of Gelama. We managed with quite a number just for the fun of it. I tried one last attempt with my jig and managed to get some anchovies. D said it was so cute and that I had to release it. After picture, back to the sea it went. I ended the day with an ACK on my bottom rig with live prawn. At least the RM10 worth of live prawns got something.

It was sort of a mix result day, with the morning bringing me some good catches. But clearly again, the water was quite bad. I wasn't sure if it was due to the location, but my guess is that the fishing here was largely depending on the water quality. There were some other rakits around and it might be worth some more tries.

Extension from the main platform

Feeding time!

Decent toilet

Berthing area

Tidbit shop

TV area

Rooms for rent

This rakit even got plants

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