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Monday, January 21, 2008

Advent into fly tying

Thompson "A" Vise

I happened to come across someone selling off his fly tying vise. It looked interesting, and I was thinking of doing some fly tying myself. Although not into fly fishing, the use of flies in out waters can do wonders. Peacocks can be effectively gotten by charlies and clousers.

So I managed to get hold of the vise for a $50. This was an authentic D.H Thompson "A" vise. Though I was not an expert in this, I had heard the name many times. Therefore, the vise should be quite expensive originally. Searching on the Net, the vise would cost about $100US.

My fly tying materials

I drop into Coho the next day, asking for some fly tying materials thinking just to tie a clouser. I left the shop spending another $50 for a bobbin, fly tying materials, threads, beads (for eyes), crystal flash, size 2 mustad hooks and special glue for finishing the joints. Coho was nice to let me try tying one myself and taught me the ropes on the techniques, and I managed to tie my very first clouser.

A nice lady intro me to a fly tying set, which actually cost only $105 thereabout. I had already spent that much, and only got materials for tying clousers. :(. The set looked not bad at all and came with a nice guidebook on fly tying patterns.

Flies that I have now



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