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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kelong Info

I have been asked quite a few times. Since I am planning a trip for my friends, putting the info here for the benefit of everyone.

General Info

From Wiki
"A Kelong (sometimes spelt Kellong) is a Malay word to describe a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood, and can be found in waters off Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, while only a handful remains around Singapore due to rapid urbanisation.

Kelongs are built by fishermen primarily for fishing purposes, although larger structures can also function as dwellings for them and their families. They are built without the need for nails, using rattan to bind tree trunks and wooden planks together. Anchored into the sea bed using wooden piles of about 20 metres in length and driven about 6 metres into the sea, they are usually sited in shallow water, although some can be found in deeper waters. Some kelongs are less isolated, and are connected to land via a wooden gangway. Other variants of Kelongs can be mobile, or may involve a large groups of Kelongs joined together into a massive offshore community."

For Sibu Kelongs, there are 4 kelongs in the region. The kelongs are situated in front of Sibu Island. Sibu Island forms a land mass to protect the kelong from the strong wind and current. From the nearest to the island to the farthest. Ah Fatt, Hotboys, Ah Ngan, Ah Yew. There is no one best. All of them got fishes, since they are like quite near to each other. Difference in the way the kelong is run, from the way you get water, kind of toilet, availability of ice, quality of food and services, comfort of the bed, other additional facilities like playstation and tv and karaoke.


1. Ah Fatt

2. Hot Boys
90294229 (Singaporean owner)

3. Ah Ngan

4. Ah Yew


Rates seem to have gone up from the usual RM130 as of May 08. Now it is RM155/RM95.
Hotboys still $69/$38 (in Singapore dollars) [last checked on 22nd Jun 08]
There is a Jetty fee of RM4.
If you drive, there is a parking of RM4 per day. (hence, if going 2D1N, will be RM8)
Rod rental - RM25/RM35


You can just call them the day before. State how many pax going and your name. They will pick you at Tanjung Leman Jetty at 9.30am (unless due to tide or some other reasons). There may be periods when the Kelong is fully booked. But normally, it is ok. Weekdays are the best. Sometimes, you may be the only ones there.

Booking Van - Info from Eric Hui
1 Person to contact: Melvin Tay [Van 02-0127851133] Fare: S$360 return trip to Tg Leman-Sin Van condition: More space due to slightly bigger van

2 Person to contact: Wong [Van 02-0127231623] Fare: S$320 return trip to Tg Leman-Sin Van condition: Smaller van

3 When you call the above number, give them the following:

Date going (eg Sat, 6am) and returning (eg Sun, 1.30pm)
The address of the first pick up point (eg Blk xxx, Jalan XYZ)
Number of persons (if they asked)
4 Ask them their price. If they quote you higher than what is indicated above, tell them that you got this contact from a friend who has used their service before at the stated price here and try to get them to give you this price.

5 Pay in full only when back in Singapore.

6 Can get the driver to send back everyone to their homes. Maybe give a small tip for his troubles.

SOP for making the way there and back

Location and map,104.038124&spn=0.144776,0.20874&t=h&z=12

From Singapore, you should head for the checkpoint at 7am. From there, it will be a 2-2.5 hr drive. There are 2 route to it. I prefer the Sedili route, it being more Ulu and country side. Nicer view. If traffic is smooth, you should reach the Jetty around 9am, in time for a leisurely breakfast. There are some small shops there selling food and clothings and cheap sibu island t-shirts. Even a small tackle shop.

Reaching there, first buy the boat ticket. Then have a coffee and ramli burger while waiting for the boatman. He will usually come around to ask which kelong you going.

From the boat, it is a half hr ride to the kelong. Normally by 10am, you should be there. You will be assigned a bed, and can start fishing. Lunch should come around shortly.

The next day, you will need to pack and get ready around 11am. Lunch should come about 12pm, and then board the boat back to the Jetty. Normally, you should set off from the Jetty about 1pm. From there, you should be able to reach home by 4pm-5pm, depending on the Jam.

Things to pack

1. 1 day change of clothes.
2. Toiletries. Soap, Shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, Towel. But no need for toilet paper. There plenty
3. Sun protection. Sun block, hats, sunglasses.
4. Icebox. You need to bring your catches home right?
5. Other stuff like books, iPod, radio, card games etc.
6. Money. On top of the fee, bring about RM100 will be more than enough for snacking and food along the way.
7. Camera!
9. Fishing stuff

Things provided by the kelong

1. 5 meals per day, free flow of coffe/tea/water, bed. Got even canned drinks or beer if you want. There is one that even sells ice cream.
2. Ice (for keeping your fish fresh)
3. Bait (unlimited supply of sotong meat)
4. Entertainment like Mahjong/Karaoke/TV
5. Electricity. If you need to charge anything, you can. Generator is on at night. Voltage is same as Singapore. 240V.
6. Mobile network is available. You can roam from there.

Normal fishing activity

You can get fishes anytime. But the best times are in the evening 5-7pm, and early in the morning 5-7am. This is the golden period when the fishes are hungry and will usually go on a feeding frenzy. Fishing varies with the current, and water clarity. Also, the moon phase will play a part.

Things to bring for simple fishing

1. Rod
2. Reel (with lines, 15-20lbs more than enough)
3. Sabiki hooks (packets of line with 6 hooks with green and white feathers)
4. Apollo hooks (packets of line with 2 hooks)
5. Squid jig (looks like an articifical prawn with hooks at the back)
6. Float (for targetting surface fish)
7. Sinkers (size 1-2 enough)
8. Scissors and pliers
9. Misc like hooks, leaders (loose roll of transparent fishing lines), swivels
10. A icebox or stryofoam box to bring back your catches.

Things to do if not fishing

1. Play mahjong.
2. Eat and sleep and grow fat.
3. Enjoy the scenary.
4. You can request to visit Sibu Island.
5. Sun Tan.
6. Watch TV.
7. Karaoke.
8. Play Playstation.
9. Take pictures.
10. Read a book.

Safety on a kelong

1. Don't stay at a place where no one is around. Fall in the water, no one will know.
2. Don't use hands to touch any sea creature/fish that you are not familar with. A common poisonous fish is the Rabbit Fish. Always use a plier if you are not sure.
3. Don't walk bare footed. There are always loose pieces of hooks around.
4. Don't fish in the thunderstorm. Your rod is an antenna. (made of graphite)

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