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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Recce - Tanjong Langsat Port, FishingLine and Fisherman

Felt adventurous today and spent the entire day in JB. After getting into JB before 7, we landed up at the usual Mac for a spot of breakfast. But I wasn't too sure where I would head for. The plan was to bring D and Era for Spiderman 3, but at that time, it was still too early. After pondering about it, I decided to see what was at the end of Pasir Gudang, the highway that I had been zipping up and down with.

At the west end, I already had been to the Perling toll end. This time round, i drove eastward, passing the exit for Kong Kong. The landscape changed to a more industrial look and there were gradually more and more big trucks and long vehicles on the road. Seems like the way would end at Tanjong Langsat, and Kg Pasir puteh.

I turned into Kg Pasir Puteh, my curiousity quite piqued by the name. Translated, it would mean white sand. Just like our counterpart at Pasir Ris. However, it was soon evident that this was a kampong beside the sea. However, there wasn't any place where the car could indeed see the sea. All the sea passage way was blocked by houses. I gave up and drove round and out.

Continuing the journey eastward, I drove to the very end of the road, and found ourselves at this port called Tanjong Langsat. It looked very new, and it was evident that this area was under development. The sea and beach looked promising. I parked the car under the hot sun, and strolled towards the beach to check it out.

However on closer inspection, the water was kind of blackish, from the oil spills from the ships I supposed. Sigh, what a waste of a nice scenic place. Otherwise, this would make a good fishing spot indeed. But given the condition, I wouldn't even dare to eat the oil tainted fishes.

In the afternoon, I decided to recce the tackle shops in JB. Seemed that most, if not all of the shops are located in the Permas Jaya area. I had already known that there was a TCE there some months back. But I was kind of disappointed at the shop, as it was selling mostly low end, malaysia products stuff. But today, i wanted to find Fishing Line, and Sports Fishing.

For FishingLine, I was lucky. The area in Permas was maddening. There were totally no road signs anywhere around. I had completely no idea which district I was in. But A eagle eyes spotted the words "FishingLine" as I was driving around. So, one down. The shop was indeed well stocked. Some of the stuff, I couldn't find in Singapore. All in all, a very good find.

Next, I didn't have the same luck with "Fisherman". I turned here and there but couldn't find the district 4. Luckily I had the JB detail road map with me. After some map reading and topology, I figured my location and the heading towards where it was supposed to be. And man, was it difficult to get to. Without the map, there was no chance anyone would chance upon it. It was hidden in some private area deep within Permas Jaya. But when I walked in, it was a very high and upmarket shop. I managed to get the shrimp hunter here at a good price of RM20. That in comparison to Singapore, was quite cheap. I also picked up a bibless Lure to try out.

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