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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Luring at Sungei Api Api

Crystal Vibe - Lure I lost but replaced later

Given my improving record with freshwater luring, today, felt a little more bold and wanted to practise on my saltwater luring. My search for KBL continued. High tide at 10pm was just nice for an after dinner outing. Reaching there, bridge was already filled with anglers. There wasn't any space on the bridge itself. But since I was luring, we parked ourselves by the side and I did my casting from the river bank.

I used the newly acquired bibless lure that I gotten from JB. Given the 28g weight, I didn't have any issue with birdnest. I couldn't quite see the swimming action but it did feel good from the vibrations. But it being quite a heavy lure, I couldn't retrieve slow else it would get snagged at the bottom.

So, cast and cast around 100 times. But nothing at all. I builded up quite a good sweat and mozzies came attacking me. Soon, I was smelling mopiko all over. And I thought I got some on the lines. Maybe that had affected the catch rate.

Seeing no action, I moved to the inner part of the river and tried to cast. On my second attempt, lure flew over some tree branches and got snagged. Pulled and pulled, and line broke. Geesh...there went my lure. Luckily it wasn't too ex (<$10). But I quite liked it, with its luminious body. Would be replacing it as part of my collection.

So, setup again and used my shimmering live bait red head this time. But cast and cast, again no action. Around 11.30pm, enough was enough. Packed and go. to wait another day.

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