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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Luring at Reservoir

TC was keen in a spot of reservoir fishing and so we made plans to visit LPR this morning at 7am for PBs or Tomans. But unfortunately, water was very calm, but occasionally disrupted by a patrolling boat that sent huge waves splashing on the water bank. I was trying to sight for tomans, but no luck at all.

Around 8.30am, we decided to head for LSR for its better catch rate. But upon reaching there, there were quite alot of activity with people packing up after a major water conservation event. Also, there was a group of people doing some boating. And to add on, weed clearing seemed to be in progress. Water was all murky and full of weeds. So naturally, no bites at all. Mr Sun came on full force and we were sweating to the brows and got really uncomfortable. Around 10am, we called it off and returned defeated.

D wanted to play with Era after her swimming and we let them continue their time in the pool till 12pm. In the meantime, I dropped by upper seletar to try again with my yellow humbug. But as expected, nothing too. Clouds turned quite dark and it drizzled a little. So that was the end of the day. A fat zero.

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