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Sunday, June 14, 2009

KFC - Toman Fishing

Since I had just returned from the Durian farm in Segamat, we had a short meeting at LSR to celebrate Alicia's birthday and to eat durians that I had lugged back from the land of durians. The rest of the children mischievously buried her presents in the sand at the playground. The poor girl had to dig it out with her bare hands. But of course, X marks the spot and it was easily found.

Lucky for us, Marcus came to join us. And we discovered his secret talent in opening durians. Otherwise, I would probably have hacked it to pieces. The rest had a good time devouring the durians and luckily, I had brought back enough.

As we were at LSR, I tried a little fishing too. But again, the fishes were not at home. After trying for an hour, I gave up.

Remebering that ZW had a secret spot, we went to the place for recce. And to our excitement, we saw people catching some good size toman in front of us. Unable to contain our itch, ZW and I decided to come back again with our rods.

Reaching there, we tried to squeeze ourselves along the rocky bank for fishing. ZW was the first to hit on a baby toman. But alas as I was getting my camera out, it gave ZW the slip and fell back into the water. I hit the next fish and again, it was another toman. This seemed to be a Toman spot. ZW again hit on a fish, and this time, it was no baby. It gave the rod a good fight and the lines were even spooling out. But unfortunately, we only managed to video it before it again threw the hook and ran away. I took the next fish and another baby. After that, all fell quiet. And since it was getting late, we made a move back to civilisation.

It was a great short session and a very fruitful ones. ZW was very successful with his unbranded silvery blue lure. My 3D minnow also worked well. Definitely a very potential spot here.

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