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Sunday, June 21, 2009

KFC - Teluk Sengat Rakit

A few times we said to try out the Rakit at the Teluk Sengat area. But it had been postponed due to last minute decisions to go to some where nearer. To get here, it was needed to drive up to Kota Tinggi and come down via the road to Desaru. to the other side of sg Layang. Therefore, a rather long round about drive. This time round, I decided to pay it a visit once and for all to find out about how the fishing is at the other side of the river from Kong Kong. TC was there recently to visit the Crocodile farm and informed me that he saw some Rakits there near the Jetty.

Reaching there, indeed there were rolls of Rakit around the Jetty. Being high tide, we did see activities in the water, and even some sea birds catching a herring or two. I quickly got the Rakit contact from the food stall and in my smattering of broken Malay, called the Rakit to get them to pick us up. By some miracle, the man understood me and came to pick us within 5 minutes. In fact, the boat ride to the Rakit was verynear and we could actually see him waving from the Rakit.

When we landed on the Rakit, we were immediately impressed with the place. It was big, and clean and there were lots of space to fish. The fee was an affordable RM20, and we were even given a jug of iced orange drink. A first in any Kelongs or Rakits that we have been. TC went about doing his apollo with his prawn meat and sotong, while I tried to test the water by using Tamban jig, and then doing some luring with my Regno.

But alas, the fishing was very bad. Even TC with his baited hooks, didn't manage to get anything at all. But I did see some solitary fishes swimming in the water. Water was fairly clear, but it turned to the brackish type very soon when we started fishing. We had missed the incoming tide and with the outgoing tide, water quality was rather bad.

It was only after some effort that I managed to catch 1 tiny weeny glassfish. With that, TC threw out a float with the live bait. And then he got a small Todak with it. But Todak after landing on the floor, wiggled and freed itself and gave us the slip.

We left shortly not wanting to waste our time here. On the way back, the boatman told us that the water had been spoiled by all the reclamation done by Singaore. From my experience fishing in this water, I tend to agree with them. The water had indeed turned rather bad lately.

It was such a waste that the fishing was such as this seemed such a comfortable place to spend a lazy afternoon. Hopefully, the water would get better in the near future, and we could all come back and enjoy this place again.
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