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Saturday, June 06, 2009

KFC - Ah Huat Kelong

The last time we had been in Tuas was quite a number of months ago. For the last visit to Ah Huat, we met the new owners who promised that the kelong would be nicely renovated by the next time we come again. They had recently bought over the Kelong and is in the process of renovating it. At the current state then, it was poorly maintained. There were rather big gaps in the wooden planks, and also not much of space to fish properly. I thought of revisiting this kelong thinking that it would have finished renovation by now.

This morning, it was initially decided to head for Desaru Rakit. (Probably Teluk Sengat). But as we gathered for breakfast at Carrefour, I recalled that Ah Huat Kelong should be due for a revisit to check out the new condition. All agreed and a quick call to Liman had him waiting for us at the Jetty. My last trip there, I had hit upon a huge Queenie that bent my rod like sugar cane.

I want this fish and that fish

Wah, someday he will have this kind of boat

Do I look like an actress?

Jason kelong (nicest Kelong in Tuas)

Alicia caught her fish on her own

From the upcoming tide, got some small action.
Something took off my fish head

Upon arrival at the Kelong, we found that it was still the same kelong with nothing being done to it. The so called renovation did not take place at all. At first, we wanted to change to another place. Liman told us that the Kelong at Jason would require a minimum of 10 pax at RM130. Rather steep prices. But seeing that the Kelong was empty, we decided to try it out again.

He got his Todak fishing skill recertified

Kelong dogs. They eat fish

A Fireworm (never never touch it) alien is growing on this Tamban

Well, angler of the month

Who broke the plank and fell into this hole

After fishing for a while, we found that other than Tambans (loads of it), there was nothing else in terms of good fishing. TC was doing alot of apollo with prawn and sotong meat. With that, he got the biggest fish of the trip. A good size Bream. He also managed to get a decent Todak. ZW, who usually would get a Todak or two, failed in this aspect. Todaks were around, but in small numbers and puny ones.

Reclaimation works. Singapore is getting bigger and bigger

The caretaker told us that the fishing had gone down due to the reclaimation work just across the water. From this Kelong, the reclaimed land was rather near. (<1Km). For that, the water was affected and all the fishes had gone away. But the Tambans were rather plentiful and even the fishing people on boats would anchor near the kelong to get them.

They "stole" some of this cactus plant

No fish no fish, said the Kelong helper

Jason's nice Kelong

Passing by the island (there were some people on it)

The tide went down and then it was rather quiet. Live baiting would see the bait fishes still alive after an hour. We decided not to waste time and left the place around 3pm.

Durian GSS

Zhi Char from Tian Tian Lai Restaurant

From there, TC led us to him favourite restaurant near Gelang Patah. According to him, lots of Singaporean come here to eat. The regular food dishes were rather cheap. Only the live seafood was comparable to Singapore's prices.

Followed by dessert


Being Durian season, there were some durians for sale at RM5 per kg. Very cheap prices. We ordered around 4Kg, and to my surprise, the durian was top quality and we had a good durian party. Everyone ate to their fill. Simply delicious.

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