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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Labrador Park

It had been a very long while since I was here. ZW and I did the crazy thing of trying out luring on friday nite, and then back here again to try out the Jetty the next day. I was hopeful of hitting a possible chermin, and we dropped by Regal Tang to get ammos(live prawns).

We reached there around 4.30pm, by which time the sun wasn't so hot. Water looked good and some folks were getting good strings of Tambans consistently. Not sure what's wrong with ZW and my tamban rigs. We just weren't hitting them and the people next to us were like filling in their iceboxes. I sheepishly swallowed my pride and asked the lady what's her secret. Apparently, it was no other than using the "unbranded" tamban hooks of size 3-4. Mine was a elephant size of 8 and hence can only catch elephant fish. ZW was using another type of brand. Tambans here are brand conscious.

We let out some bottom with live prawns and did the waiting game. ZW also tried a floating rig. At the end of the day, all were unproductive. Although there were some signs of some sea monsters killing our live prawns, we didn't bring anything up from the deep blue sea.

Some someone caught a small green eye(sotong) and that proved to me that eging was still quite possible, although tedious here.


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