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Thursday, January 01, 2009

1st Fishing for 2009

Being the new year, I was hoping to start it well with a good catch. I had arranged with ZW to do some early morning luring at LSR. It had been some time since I have been luring here, since the construction started at the stretch on the left. However, LSR had been a rather productive spot previously and I was hoping that it would reward us with a good catch of a PB or two. Since it was the first time ZW was doing fresh water luring, it would be a good experience.

Reaching there at the ungodly hour of 6+am, there were already quite a number of people fishing. Probably some had stayed over the night. Most of them were baiting. We kept to our own corner casting out our lures. But there were no bites entirely, even though we saw some water movement every now and then. I saw a belida coming up for air and diving back again.

However, the baiters did have some action and managed to bring up a huge mummy Toman. We were impressed, certainly a big fish. The toman was caught on live soon hock baits. Quite a surprise to me as I thought it was usually catfishes as bait.

We lured till the sun came up till about 8am. Still nothing. We changed to flies to increase our chances, but yet again nothing. Conceding defeat, we left that day without getting our first fish for the year.


bill said...

hey. would you like to fish at the Nee soon canel anytime soon? Cheers

nafishnafish said...

Nee Soon Canel? Do you mean the Spring Leaf place :). Yeah, saw some big PBs there swimming around.

bill said...

yup thats the place. i've landed 2 4pounders there last week =D but that place is quite good for toman and haruan. do try it out.

nafishnafish said...

I have tried there before Bill.
Yes, it is a potential spot. But luring there is risky as there easily sangkot. :) Let me when you next going. My email is here